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Stage 3: Resolution

Once we have gathered and reviewed all the necessary information, we will try to bring your complaint to a resolution. We will write to you and to the department outlining our views and any recommendations.

We call these letters 'recommendation letters' because they set out what, if anything, we 'recommend' the department should do to put thingsright. If we think that the department has already dealt with the complaint adequately, we will say so.

However we resolve the complaint, it must be consistent with HMRC’s and/or VOA’s own instructions and Codes of Practice. This could include asking them to apologise and to meet any additional costs that you have incurred as a direct result of their mistakes or delays - things like postage, telephone calls or the cost of professional advice. Or we might ask them to make a small payment to recognise any worry and distress that you have suffered.

To date, HMRC and VOA have accepted all of our recommendations.

How likely is it that the Adjudicator’s Office will uphold my complaint?

We consider every complaint on its own merits, so it is not possible to predict an outcome beforehand. However, there are some situations where we may not uphold a complaint:

  • Where you have already received an adequate remedy from the department for their shortcomings.

  • Where the department has applied its rules and procedures correctly, or made a reasonable decision where they have discretion. We cannot ask them to modify rules and procedures.

  • Where there is insufficient evidence to enable us to reach a safe conclusion on disputed areas.

Changes to our process - 2019

Stage 1: When we receive your complaint

Stage 2: Investigation

Stage 3: Resolution

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